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“When a boy of fourteen or fifteen discovers that he is more given to introspection and consciousness of self than other boys his age, he easily falls into the error of believing it is because he is more mature than they. This was certainly a mistake in my case. Rather it was because the other boys had no such need of understanding themselves as I had: they could be their natural selves whereas I was to play a part, a fact that would require considerable understanding and study. So it was not my maturity but my sense of uneasiness, my uncertainty, that was forcing me to gain control over my consciousness. Because such consciousness was simply a steppingstone to aberration, and my present thinking was nothing but uncertain and haphazard guesswork.”

Yukio Mishima, Confessions of a Mask (via lehaaz)
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made chop suey today. would be a bit better with some shiitake. 9 more dishes to unlock and i’m getting myself a beautiful new ceramic wok.

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made chop suey today. would be a bit better with some shiitake. 9 more dishes to unlock and i’m getting myself a beautiful new ceramic wok.

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S.Zizek, paraphrased

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there was a fire near my building. remembered toru and midori’s conversation at the rooftop. i watched the smoke with my cousin until we could smell it from the balcony, and then we went to sleep.

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i gave a 10 minute break in class. some are sleeping, i am here. daiki is whistling edelweiss and canon in d. my cousin is getting married and has just sent me a picture of the bridesmaid’s dress. it looks just like what i planned my bridesmaid’s dress to look like if i ever get married.

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oh shit, wouldn’t that also be the very first translation of any of his books into your language?
ehe, yes. it’s only recently that companies saw potential in translation, everyone just used to read books in the original.
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got offered a translation job for an insanely popular novel. i really want to be the one to translate this into my language, and i can’t help but remember this grudge/jealousy/amazement i’ve been holding towards/against jay rubin for being able to shape what murakami would mean to readers in english. i want that! but this project is for a huge company and of course the terms are crap. they obviously don’t see translation as an art in itself, they just really need to sell this book. so i’m torn if i will let myself be a slave to corporate greed just so i can feel what it is like to be the one who shapes what this novel means to my country.

i need a drink.

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He Jiaying, peintre chinois contemporain

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Akira Kurosawa (?) explains the 180º rule.

Paprika (2006) Dir. Satoshi Kon

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